Services and prices

Work on the design project starts with a meeting with the Designer and Customer on an object. At the meeting designer ascertain the Customer preferences of his tastes, prepared technical project for the development of a design project. After that a designer does the measurements on the object and begins on developing with the project. The work on design-project is possible without meetings, if you are from another town, by using a phone or e-mail. All of our work will be sent to you on your email. Payment to the bank account.

Work on a project can be divided on two stages: schematic and detailed design.

I stage (schematic design):

  • Performing tonnage plan.
  • Plans for renovations of premises developed in several variants.
  • The placement of furniture and equipment.
  • The choice and approval of the customer one of the presented options.
  • The development and adjustment of the approved version.
  • Working-out of the interior design (3D visualization of interiors and objects).
  • The development and adjustment together with Customer.
  • The selection of finishing materials.

  • II stage (detailed design):

  • Plan dismantling – all tolerable walls and partitions.
  • Installation plan – all the newly erected walls and partitions.
  • Layout of sanitary equipment – required to perform plumbing work.
  • An explication – the plan of the premises with an indication of the area and the destination.
  • A plan of floor – determines the flooring layout, stipulates nuances joints of different materials.
  • A plan of ceilings – configuration and height of the suspended ceilings.
  • A plan of lighting – indicates lighting devices with point bindings and a list of the types of light fixtures.
  • Switch Plan – placement of switches with groups of switching on.
  • A plan of sockets – the location of sockets and place of their connection with the height and the destination.
  • Drawing the walls of premises – an indication of decoration for different sections of the wall.
  • Detailing niches, decorative walls, sketches of furniture (individual development), equipment specifications, doors.
  • A statement of decoration – a summary table of the amount finishing works, indicating the selected finishing materials.

  • Author’s supervision

    The design studio «Abistyle» carries out author supervision. Author’s supervision is called of complex activities that are being implemented to ensure that the construction, architectural and stylistic, technological and other technical solutions and parameters of the object, put into operation in the approved project documentation by the customer. The selection of furniture, the specifications. Author’s supervision involves scheduled (every few days) visit of the object for making related comments of renovation and clarify the project details.

    Architectural visualization

    We provide high quality architectural visualization in the fastest time possible. We help builders, architects, designers, real estate owners, marketers visualize their drawings in 3D.


    Our artists perform painting for you in different styles that will not only support the design yours home, but also form a special atmosphere of refinement and comfort. In addition, you can watch the amazing task – miracle of the birth of artwork. We can make painting on your sketches or develop a design by ourselves. Art painting can be realistic or decorative.

    Custom-made furniture

    According to the application and peculiarities all production facilities of furniture production can be divided into the several main destinations. Soft and modular cabinet furniture for the bedroom, living room, hall, children’s rooms, kitchens and so on – can be attributed to the home furnishings. Office cabinet furniture (computer tables, shelves, cabinets, etc.), the situation for bars, cafes, restaurants, shopping pavilions, etc. – is considered furniture for commercial Office cabinet furniture (computer tables, shelves, cabinets, etc.), the situation for bars, cafes, restaurants, shopping pavilions, etc. – is considered furniture for commercial premises. Each of directions of manufacturing and production of furnishings has its own aspects and features.


    The price and payment procedure of the design project:

    The price of the design project is 300 UAH. per sq.m.

    The cost of the development the design project depends on the complexity and size of the object.
    Prepayment – 50 % the total value of the project is carried out at the time of signing the contract.
    The residual amount of 50% is paid after the completion of the project when the complete set of drawings will have been handed over to the client.

    The contract price for the development of architectural projects depends on the complexity and volume of the object.

    In addition, the customer’s request, to carry out supervision over the project. The supervision is charged separately and includes:
    1. The designer leaves on the object is not more than 8 times per month.
    2. Adding to the working drawings corrections that have arisen after the dismantling of the old and construction of new walls, floors, after alignment floors, walls and ceilings.
    3. Advice and monitoring of the implementation of the project.

    The price of maintenance of the project is agreed.

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