A walk-in wardrobe is not luxury but a practical way to organize and arrange all clothing, linen, sleeping and bath accessories, shoes, bags and accessories used both in everyday life and depending on the season. If you are planning to arrange a walk-in wardrobe as a separate room or within your bedroom, our selection of exclusive design projects can inspire you to do this and suggest good options for the location, modification and layout of storage systems, choosing a color palette for interior decoration and the manufacture of closets, racks and shelves.

The Gallery. Interior design in Kiev. We provide the designer’s services of cosmetic and capital construction and repair of apartments, painting to order. Abistyle Studio will perform in any style of interior design project of apartments, houses, rooms, living room, children’s room, hall, stairs, bedrooms, a billiard room, bathroom, office, shop, terrace, kitchen, offices, cottages, cafes, restaurants, townhouses, facades, decoration space, landscaping, repairs and decoration, architectural supervision. Interior Design – photos of realized projects.

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