The design of the restaurant – is the first thing which your clients notice, when they come into hall. The success of the restaurant as a business project does not depend on your design of place. For the most part from the coziness of the situation in your restaurant will depend on how your restaurant is popular among visitors. Design of restaurants – is the creation of the most appropriate and comfortable premises with all the technical aspects of the case – the kitchen, bar, office accommodation.

The gallery. Interior Design in Kiev. We provide the designer’s services of cosmetic and capital construction and repair of apartments, painting to order. Abistyle Studio will perform in any style of interior design project of restaurants, apartments, houses, rooms, living room, children’s room, hall, stairs, bedrooms, a billiard room, , shop, terrace, kitchen, office, cottages, cafes, bathroom , townhouses, facades, decoration space, landscaping, repairs and decoration, architectural supervision. Interior Design – photos of realized projects.

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