If you think that a balcony or loggia can be an important part of your apartment designed for recreation, and not a housekeeping area where old unnecessary things are put for storage, then you are absolutely right. Intelligently and tastefully decorated, the balcony will not only look beautiful, but provide an additional functional space, which is especially appreciated by owners of small apartments. The design of balconies and loggias the photos of which illustrate this article can be very different: here you can arrange a greenhouse, an office, a place for drinking morning coffee or even a summer bedroom.

It is not necessary to get rid of a pantry, even if it is possible to increase the area of another room instead of it. In fact, this area is incredibly functional — you can store there a vacuum cleaner and a mop, pickled products and outerwear, skis and sledges, a balance bicycle and even a child’s bicycle, as well as construction tools and old magazines.

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